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Resources to Find Employment


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    This is the first stop in looking for an employment opportunity. For assistance, see our video tutorials.


    The following resources you may access by logging in to Symplicity. On the welcome page, find links as well as username and passwords to access the following:

    Law students, LLM students, and judicial clerks seeking government internships or post-graduate honors programs are confronted with the time-consuming task of determining what federal, state, or local government departments offer such programs. What applicants desire is a single, current and continually updated comprehensive source of available programs in an easy to access on-line publication.

    This Handbook provides application deadlines, applicant qualifications, and details on the selection process. It also describes each employer's mission and organizational structure, as well as deadline tables (arranged alphabetically by agency and law school class year), GS salary schedules, tips for finding housing in Washington DC and other locations, government regulations for hiring non-citizens, and information about government background checks. Although this information is publicly available, it is dispersed throughout the various governmental departments that offer these programs.

    This resource provides graduate and undergraduate students with an interest in public policy administration and analysis with resources for internships and after-graduation positions with think tanks, advocacy organizations, federal agencies and other institutions engaged in policy analysis and implementation.

    The Handbook lists hundreds of programs in areas of policy such as health care, national security, civil rights, constitutional law, etc. Details about the programs include deadlines, desired applicant qualifications, the application and selection process. It describes each employer's mission and organizational structure, provides links to employer web sites, deadline tables, and searches by city, topic area, and organization name.

    BYU Law School hosts a member-only job bank that provides students and graduates from member law schools access to other member schools’ alumni job postings. A great tool to find opportunities in other states.

    Several Ohio law schools share student and graduate employment opportunities via the OLPC Job Bank.

    PSJD is a unique online clearinghouse for law students and lawyers to connect with public interest job listings and career-building resources. Job listings in the PSJD database include internships (fall, spring, and summer), postgraduate fellowships, and a wide variety of permanent positions. PSJD also includes over 13,000 organizational profiles for nonprofit, government, and other public interest employers spanning the globe. Registered users may search the database, flag and store opportunities for later viewing, receive email alerts with newly posted opportunities, and apply directly for opportunities via PSJD. In addition to its database, PSJD offers an online library of educational and career-building resources for those interested in pursuing a career in public service. These resources are publicly available to all website visitors.

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