Criminal Law Association - Capital University Law School

Criminal Law Association

  • The Criminal Law Association (“CLA”) seeks to:

    • Provide a forum for education, interaction and exploration in the realm of criminal law.
    • Explore and increase interests in criminal law.
    • Be a contributing and influential force in both the Capital Law community and the surrounding community.

    2016-2017 Leadership
    President: Samantha Scherger
    Vice President: Derek Schneider
    Treasurer: Jennifer Hayes
    Secretary: Launica Jones
    Public Relations: Somany Pich
    2L Representative: Natalie Kahler

    Historical Information

    2015-2016 Leadership 
    President: Brittany Razek
    Vice President: Sean Heffernan
    Treasurer: Mitch Harden
    Secretary: Brandy Chandler
    Public Relations: Quincy Miller 

    2014-2015 Leadership
    President: Allison Tucker
    VP: Haidy Tawadros
    Treasurer/Secretary: Angela Meddock

    2013-2014 Leadership

    President: Rick Schanz
    Vice President: Chris Walsh
    Treasurer: Haidy Tawadros
    Secretary: Allison Tucker
    Head Program Coordinator: Reed Searcy

    2012-2013 Leadership
    President: Alicia Bolyard
    Vice President: Brynn Saunders
    Treasurer: Rick Schanz
    Secretary (Fall 2012): Kendra Kenney-Liebherr
    Secretary (Spring 2013): Chris Walsh
    Head Program Coordinator: Rena Passas
    Advisor: Professor Scott Anderson

    2011-2012 Leadership

    President: Thomas Vaccaro
    Vice President: Wesley Freeman
    Treasurer: Alicia Bolyard
    Secretary: Kristen Kroflich
    Head Program Coordinators: Kendra Kenney and Brynn Saunders
    Advisor: Professor Scott Anderson