Courses that Satisfy Graduation Requirements - Summer 2012

    1st Year Evening: Criminal Law, Legal Writing III
    3rd Year: Legal Drafting
    50 hours or more: Professional Responsibility

    UPPER CLASS WRITING REQUIREMENT (UCWR): All students are required to complete, prior to graduation, an upper class writing requirement as indicated in Chapter 4.10 of the Manual of Policies & Procedures. The requirement may be satisfied by:

    1. Preparation of an approved note or comment for the Capital University Law Review.
    2. Preparation of an independent research paper under the guidance of a full-time faculty member. Must be 2 or 3 credit hours and must receive a grade of “C” or better.
    3. Completion of the following approved courses and must receive a grade of “C” or better : 

            Appellate Advocacy                        Law 924-1     Blocher

            Appellate Advocacy                        Law 924-2    Lazaroff

    PERSPECTIVE REQUIREMENT: The following courses satisfy the perspective requirement:

            Interdisciplinary Child Welfare         Law 823    Upchurch 
            Judging & The Nature of Justice      Law 843     Liston