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Columbus, a Top City for African Americans

  • In 2002, Columbus was named the #1 Best City for African American families by And more recently, in 2007, Columbus was ranked the #2 Best City in the nation for African American Families by and a Top 10 City for African Americans by Black Enterprise Magazine. 

    BET spent six months researching cities by compiling viewer and web comments, and comparing information from the Kids Count Data Book, Center for Disease Control, US Census, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Lewis Mumford Center, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, and Washington Post. Read the article.

    The study looked at U.S. cities with the highest black populations percentage-wise and rated and compared them on important issues that affect the quality of life of the black family, such as poverty and infant mortality rates, high school graduation rates, homeownership, AIDS infection, median income and unemployment, teen pregnancy and crime, high school graduation and percent of children in single family homes.

    The project concludes's year-long series on the Black family, Under One Roof, which was named the 2002 BEST ONLINE NEWS PROJECT by the National Association of Journalists.

    In 2012, Forbes Magazine chose Columbus as the #1 City for Working Moms. "In Columbus, moms make more money on average, have access to affordable day care and arrive home from work quicker than their counterparts in other cities. It’s all part of the recipe that makes Columbus the best city for working mothers in the U.S. this year, according to a new list from Forbes magazine."