Chapter 5 - Financial Regulations - Capital University Law School

Chapter 5 - Financial Regulations

  •  5.1 Tuition And Fees

    A. Application Fee--This is a non-refundable fee submitted with an application to Capital University Law School: $40

    B. Matriculation Fee/Deposit--Payable in two installments, this fee must be paid within a stated period of time after admission to reserve a position in the incoming class. Students who are admitted to the Law School, who pay the deposit, and who subsequently withdraw are entitled to a full or partial refund of the deposit if notification of the withdrawal is received by the Law School prior to date or dates set in the refund schedule adopted for that year: $300

    C. Bad Check or Credit Card Charge-- $15

    D. Deferred Payment Fee--A deferred payment plan is available to both day and evening students. The first payment is due by the first day of the semester and the second payment is due 45 days into the semester. $25

    E. Delinquent Payment Fee--This fee is assessed when a student is delinquent in making tuition payments: $150

    F. Late Change of Registration Fee--A student may register for a class up to one week following the commencement of a semester without incurring a fee. After a week the drop/withdrawal fees are as follows (Fall and Spring Semesters):

    Drop through the 2nd  week of the semester                                    $0.00
    Withdrawal through the 4th week of the semester $10.00
    Withdrawal through the 6th week of the semester     $25.00
    Withdrawal after the 6th week of the semester $50.00
    Summer Semester  
    Drop through the 1st week of the semester $0.00
    Withdrawal through the 2nd week of the semester     $10.00
    Withdrawal through the 3rd week of the semester     $25.00
    Withdrawal after the 4th week of the semester $50.00


     G. Transcripts--Transcripts of work undertaken at Capital Law School may be obtained by writing to the Law School Office of Records and Registration. Each student receives one (1) free copy of his or her transcript at graduation. A charge is made for each additional transcript: $5

    H. Tuition Per Semester Hour--Day Division students are required to take 29 semester hours of class, Fall and Spring Semesters, during the first year, while Evening Division students are required to take 19 semester hours during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Tuition increases occur in May of each year. Current tuition is contained in admission materials. Annual tuition increases can be expected.

    I. Transient Fee--This fee is charged to all Capital University Law School students who are permitted to enroll as transient students in other law schools and transfer the academic credit back to Capital. The fee will be the difference between the other school's tuition and Capital's tuition if the other school's tuition is lower. If the other school's tuition is higher, the fee is $25 per semester credit hour.

    J. Audit Fee-- This fee is charged to all individuals who have been approve to audit courses at Capital University Law School pursuant to the Audit provisions of Section 3.2.03:

    Capital University Law School Students: Regular Tuition
    Alumni: ½ tuition
    Non-Alumni: Full tuition