Capital Equality Alliance - Capital University Law School

Capital Equality Alliance

  • Capital Equality Alliance ("CEA") seeks to:


    • Serve as an organization of straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students working to promote equal rights and protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender. 
    • Promote tolerance within the law school on behalf of the LGBT community. 
    • Work with student, community and advocacy organizations to provide a social network for LGBT and affirming students within the law school and legal community. 

    2017-2018 Leadership
    President: Kelly Slone
    Vice President: Andrea Lawson
    Secretary: Scott Sugarman
    Community Outreach Chair: Kelly Slone
    3L Representative: Ronald Dowling
    2L Representative: Jilian Weithman
    Advisor: Professor Wood

    Historical Information

    2016-2017 Leadership 
    President: Theodore Kelly
    Vice President: Cody Hondros
    Treasurer: Phillip Fierst
    Secretary: Chelsey Kovach
    Community Outreach Chair: Kelly Slone
    Fundraising Chair: Sara Ingles
    3L Representative: Kara McCole
    2015-2016 Leadership 
    President: Cody Hondros

    2014-2015 Leadership
    President: Heather Hardin-Theus
    Vice President: Frank Zamary
    Treasurer: Raleigh Starnes

    Secretary: Samantha Mihail
    Fundraising Chair: Addison Bare
    Community Chair: Theodore Kelly
    Programming Chair: Adelia Mohan
    3L Representative: Rebecca Raynor
    2L Representative: Cody Hondros

    2013-2014 Leadership

    President: Heather Hardin-Theus
    Vice President: Natalie Noyes
    Secretary: Trent Thacker
    Treasurer: Alex Hermann
    Community Outreach Chair: Samantha Arrasmith
    Fundraising Chair: Addison Bare
    Programming Chair: Adelia Mohan
    2L Representative: Jacci Baumann
    2L Representative: Frank Zamary

    2012-2013 Leadership
    President: Hannah Botkin-Doty
    Vice President: Natalie Noyes
    Treasurer: Joseph Mollica
    Secretary: Trent Thacker
    Programming Chair: Kelsey Ronald
    Community Service Chair: Jennifer Grant
    Fundraising Chair: Kaitlin Reber
    3L Representative: Thomas Archer
    Advisor: Professor Rick Wood

    2011-2012 Leadership
    Executive Chair: Hilari Lipton
    Executive Vice-Chair: Hannah Botkin
    Vice-Chair for Finance: Rachel Denham
    Vice-Chair for Communication: Michaela Hahn-Lawson
    Vice-Chair of Purpose: Mariella Perrotta
    Advisor: Professor Rick Wood