American Constitution Society - Capital University Law School

American Constitution Society

  • The American Constitution Society ("ACS") seeks to:

    • Promote the idea that the Constitution and laws should serve human values.
    • Harness the values of compassion and respect for each individual and reincorporate such values into American law and politics. 
    • Promote reason and decency in the U.S. legal system through continuing advocacy and education. 

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    2016-2017 Leadership
    President: Emily Anstaett
    Vice President: Amanda Strausbargh
    Secretary: Kyle Serrott
    Treasurer: Jordan Kennedy
    Evening Student Representative.: Amanda Touvell
    Community Service Officer: Amanda Strausbaugh
    Membership Officer: Kara McCole 
    Program Officer: Kyle Serrott
    Fundraising Officer: Jennifer Hayes
    1L Representatives: Andrea Lawson, Victoria Hauohauo-Horg, Emily Noble, Sarina Glick, Deidra Benjamin
    Faculty Advisor: Professor Cordray

    Historical Information

    2015-2016 Leadership
    President: Zach O'Driscoll
    Vice President: Chris Nolfi
    Secretary: Jake Stang
    Treasurer: Brittany Razek
    Evening Student Rep.: Marcus Ferguson
    Liaison with Columbus Lawyer Chapter: Emily Scarpitti
    Community Service Officer: Elizabeth Bentley 
    Membership Officer: Kara McCole 
    Programs/Fundraising Officer: Amanda Touvell 
    1L Representatives: Kelly Slone, Chaz Hutchison

    2014-2015 Leadership
    President : Adam Seeley
    Vice President: Haidy Tawadros
    Treasurer/Secretary: Sharon Schnelle

    2013-2014 Leadership
    President: Jessica Doogan
    Vice President: Miranda McKelvey
    Treasurer: Lakshmi Satyanaraayana
    Secretary: Mark King
    Advisor: Professor Mark Brown

    2012-2013 Leadership
    President: Nick Pettey
    Vice President: Meghan Gruttadaro
    Treasurer: Miranda McKelvey
    Secretary: Jessica Doogan
    Membership Chair: Caroline Dyer
    Programs Chair: Stephanie Schoolcraft
    Fundraising Chair: Carolyn Martzolf
    Community Service Chair: Adam Grosshandler
    Advisor: Professor Mark Brown

    2011-2012 Leadership
    President: Sunni Sugimoto
    Vice President: Sara Robinson
    Treasurer: Nick Pettey
    Secretary: Ashlie Depinet
    Membership Chair: Kelly Deibel
    Programs Chair: Rachel Sabo
    Fundraising Chair: Michelle Siba
    Community Service Chair: Molly Bogner
    2L Representative: Meghan Gruttadaro
    3L Representative: Lauren Chalupa
    Advisor: Professor Mark Brown