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About the Life Care Planner Profession

  • What Is A Life Care Plan? 
    A Life Care Plan is a comprehensive, systematic method to determine the individual care needs and related costs for someone who has experienced a catastrophic injury, accident or chronic illness.

    What Does A Life Care Planner Do? 
    A Life Care Planner uses a step-by-step procedure/methodology in developing a Life Care Plan. A Life Care Planner is a member of the legal team in medical malpractice/personal injury cases, primarily in the settlement and/or damages phase; life care planners also are active in the workers’ compensation field and their use is evolving in other areas of the law as well as offering their services to the general aging public.

    Who Is Well-Suited To Become a Life Care Planner? 
    Registered nurses; insurance nurses; occupational health nurses; managed care organization nurses; rehabilitation case managers; vocational rehabilitation counselors; social workers; physical therapists; physicians; and occupational therapists.