6.4 Recognition and Funding of Student Organizations - Capital University Law School

6.4 Recognition and Funding of Student Organizations

  • 6.4.01 Recognition of Student Organizations

    A. Students at Capital University Law School are encouraged to participate in student organizations and activities. Students may form voluntary associations of any type, based upon any community of interest they may share.

    B. Students wishing to use the facilities of the University, including the Law School, must first obtain the official recognition of the Law School Faculty or its delegate. Recognition is sought by requesting it in writing signed by the organizers of the new organization. This request is presented to the Director of Multicultural Affairs who will present the request to the Faculty or its delegate.

    C. The official recognition of a student organization does not create any agency relationship between the Law School and the organization, nor does it constitute, on the part of the Law School, the endorsement, approval, or ratification of any actions undertaken by the organization.

  •  6.4.02 Funding of Student Organizations.

    A. Any recognized student organization may request funding. Funding determinations are made in the Spring of each year by the Funding Commission and by the Director of Multicultural Affairs. Budget request forms are provided to the leaders of all recognized student organizations. 

    B. Budget determinations are made on the basis of available funds, the total requests of all student organizations, and the merits of the programs proposed by each organization.

    C. Expenditures from budgeted funds must be approved by the Director of Multicultural Affairs and all Law School procedures relating to the payment of invoices must be followed.

    D. The Law School is not responsible for expenditures or obligations incurred by an organization in violation of this policy or in excess of its budget.