6.14 Student Printing in Computer Labs

  • 6.14 Student Printing in Computer Labs

    Students may use the printers in the computer lab under the following conditions: 
  • 6.14.01 Law students receive an annual printing allotment of $100 (the equivalent of 1,000 single-sided pages). This allotment begins at the start of Fall semester.
  • Printing that exceeds the annual allotment will be billed to the student at the rate of ten cents ($0.10) per sheet for single-sided copies and twelve cents ($0.12) per sheet for double-sided copies.
  •  6.14.02 Unused amounts are not refunded to the student, do not roll over to the next academic year, and may not be donated to other students.
  •  6.14.03 Except as provided herein, all overage charges will be billed to the student’s account at the end of the academic year.
  • Students who are studying for the bar exam will receive a 90-day grace period after graduation. During this grace period they may continue to use their print allotment and their print balance will be allowed to go negative.
  • At the end of the 90-day grace period, accounts with negative balances will be forwarded to Student Accounts for billing.
  •  6.14.04 Unpaid print balances will be handled according to the following:
  • Any graduating student with outstanding print charges will not receive his or her diploma.
  • Graduates with an unpaid print balance will not be able to receive transcripts until the bill is paid.

    Additional information about Print and Copy Services is available at www.capital.edu/print-copy/.