5.3 Tuition Refund Schedule - Capital University Law School

5.3 Tuition Refund Schedule

  • 5.3.01 Withdrawals

    To withdraw from an individual course or to withdraw completely from the Law School, the student must complete and submit a Dean's Action to the Dean or Dean's delegate. No refund will be made without such official written notification.
  •  5.3.02 Refund Schedule

    For a student who officially withdraws from the Law School or from a Law School course or courses during a semester or term, the amount of tuition due the Law School is determined by the student's official withdrawal date as set by the Office of Records & Registration. This date of determination is based on the last date of attendance in the class or attendance in school in general.  If the student has not attended class, it is based on the first day of the semester.  The amount of the refund due is calculated based upon the withdrawal date as follows for Fall and Spring semesters: 

    Weeks 1 and 2                                                                        100%
    Weeks 3 and 4     75%
    Weeks 5 and 6 50%
    Withdrawal after the 6th week 0%
    For Summer Session:   
    Week 1 100%
    Week 2 75%
    Week 3 50%
    Week 4 0%
    For Summer One-Week Intensive Courses:      
    Must drop before 2nd class meeeting 100%
    After the 2nd class meeting 0%



  •  5.3.03 Overpayment

    Any payments or credits that exceed the amount of charges and tuition due will be refunded by the University within 30 days of the student's official withdrawal date. Refunds must be requested from the Finance Office. Otherwise, a credit is issued toward the next semester's fees.
  •  5.3.04 Refunds Contingent on Permissive Withdraw Only

    No tuition may be refunded for a withdrawal that is made without the permission of the Dean or Dean's delegate. Students who withdraw from one or more, but not all, courses receive refunds based on the percentage listed above for each course for which a withdrawal has been approved.