5.2 Delinquency In The Payment Of Tuition And Fees - Capital University Law School

5.2 Delinquency In The Payment Of Tuition And Fees

  • 5.2.01 Defined

    Registration must be completed and full payments of tuition and fees must be made on the billing due date, which typically is three (3) weeks before the beginning of a semester or on the first day of classes of a summer session. Students on a deferred payment plan approved by the University comply with this section if they make the initial payment by the billing due date and make all subsequent payments at the time prescribed by the University. Students making deferred tuition payments who are late paying an installment are required to pay tuition fees in full, upon demand by the University. 
  •  5.2.02 Delinquency

    Students who fail to pay accounts when due are delinquent in their obligations to the University and are subject to involuntary administrative withdrawal from the Law School.

    A. Students so withdrawn will not be readmitted to classes until the semester or Summer session after the withdrawal, and must be current with financial obligations at that time.

    B. In no case will a student who is not fully current with financial obligations be permitted to register for a subsequent semester or Summer session, be certified for an internship, register for a Bar examination, receive copies of transcripts, or complete requirements for a degree.
  •  5.2.03 Library Matters

    A student who is delinquent in returning books and paying fines to the law library will have his or her diploma withheld until the books have been returned to the library and any outstanding fines or charges have been paid.