4.4 Maximum Tenure, Leave of Absence and Withdrawals

  • 4.4.01 Maximum Tenure

    All students must complete their degree requirements within seven (7) years of matriculation. Likewise, all transfer students must complete degree requirements within seven (7) years of commencing their legal studies. 
  • 4.4.02 Absence

    A. Leaves of absence are granted at the discretion of the Dean or Dean’s delegate for military service, poor health, or other hardships. Leaves may be granted for a maximum of one (1) year and are renewable only for extraordinary reasons, but may not total more than two (2) years.

    B. Leaves of absence will be granted for first-year students only after they have completed at least one (1) semester of study and only for extraordinary reasons. First semester students who need to postpone studies may apply for deferred admission, which is only granted for extraordinary reasons.

    C. Poor grades are not deemed to be a reason to request a leave of absence.

    D. Students who leave the Law School or stop attending class without an approved leave or deferred admission are administratively withdrawn from the Law School and receive a grade of “E” in all courses in which they are currently registered. The date of determination, for refund purposes will be the last date of attendance.  If the student has not attended class(es) all semester, the date of determination will be the first day of the semester.


  • 4.4.03 Withdrawal

    A. Official withdrawal from the Law School or from a course requires the permission of the Dean or Dean’s delegate. No official withdrawal from the Law School will be approved for a student who is not current in his or her financial obligations to the University.

    B. The grade of “W” is entered on the student’s transcript for an official withdrawal. Students who discontinue attendance without an official withdrawal from the Law School or from a course will receive the grade of “E” in all courses in which they are currently registered and in which they discontinue attendance.

    C. Withdrawal from the Law School can be accomplished at any time period prior to the end of classes in any semester. No withdrawals will be approved after the last day of classes.

    D. Withdrawal from a course, other than complete withdrawal from the Law School, may be approved by the Dean or Dean’s delegate until two (2) weeks before the end of classes in the fall or spring semesters or one (1) week before the end of classes in the summer session and after the second week of fall and spring semester classes, each after the first week of the firs summer session classes and after the first class of a second summer session course. Withdrawal from a course will be permitted only upon a showing of good cause. In courses such as Legal Writing, in which course work is normally complete before examination week, withdrawal will not be permitted after 60% of the course work has been completed.

    E. Withdrawal by a student who is carrying only one course will be treated as withdrawal from that individual course, not withdrawal from the Law School.

    F. First-year day students register for Legal Writing in the fall and spring semester of their first year. First-year evening students register for Legal Writing in the fall, spring, and summer semesters of their first year. A grade is not given until the end of the spring or summer semester. For this reason, students may not withdraw from Legal Writing without retaking it in its entirety in the following year.

    G. Because grades for the fall term are not available to students prior to the start of the spring term, it is the policy of the law school, administered through the Dean or Dean’s delegate, to permit first year full-time or part-time students to withdraw from law school after receiving grades from the fall term for academic reasons and receive a full tuition refund from the Spring Semester. The reason for the withdrawal must relate to the academic performance of the student during the fall term and in most cases come after counseling with the Dean or Dean’s delegate. The withdrawal must come within a reasonable period of time as determined by the Dean or Dean’s delegate following distribution of grades for the fall term. This policy is also applicable to first-year part-time students who elect to withdraw from school for academic reasons after receiving grades for the spring term, which typically are not available prior to the beginning of summer term. In this case, the student will be granted a full refund of their summer tuition.  The date of withdrawal will be listed as the last day of attendance, however, regardless of where it falls in the refund schedule, it will be treated as a 100% refund.   A withdrawal from law school pursuant to this provision is different than a withdrawal from law school due to academic dismissal as provided for in Section 4.8.01, although the results are the same.

    The tuition refund will be processed consistent with university policy.