4.2 Policy Concerning the Teaching of Spouses, Relatives, and Those with Similarly Close Relationships

  • 4.2.01 Rationale

    The faculty recognizes that the enrollment in a course of any student having a close personal relationship with the instructor creates a potential conflict of interest or appearance of favoritism. Therefore, it is the policy of the faculty that such enrollment should be avoided.
  • 4.2.02 Types of Relationships

    The relationships that are within the scope of this policy are spousal or similarly close personal relationships that would create an appearance of favoritism, as well as close familial relationships such as those with siblings, parents, or children.
  • 4.2.03 Protocol

    In the event that a student seeks to enroll in a course taught by a faculty member with whom the student has a close personal relationship, the following steps shall be taken:

    A. When it is possible for the student to enroll in a section of the same class taught by another faculty member, the student shall be strongly encouraged to do so. In order to effectuate this policy, affected students will be permitted to register in another section or in the other division. When situations covered by this policy are brought to the attention of the administration, all reasonable efforts will be made to avoid such conflicts.

    B. If the student is unable or unwilling to enroll in a course other than the one taught by the faculty member with whom the student has a close personal relationship, then the grading shall be on a “satisfactory-unsatisfactory” basis.