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4.13 Approval of Research Seminars

  • 4.13 Approval of Research Seminars  

    Research Seminars

    A. The Course Descriptions do not list separate research seminars. Instead, there is only one seminar listed, as follows:
    982 RESEARCH SEMINAR (2 hours): Every year the Law School offers several research seminars, most of which satisfy the upper-class writing requirement. Topics of seminars vary from year to year. Prerequisites, co-requisites, and other limitations on enrollment are announced in advance.

    B. The Office of Records and Registration maintains a list of recently offered research seminars.

    C. Proposals for new research seminars are submitted to the Curriculum Committee, which has the authority to approve or not approve the proposal. Unlike proposals for new courses and practicums, therefore, new research seminar topics may be approved by the Curriculum Committee without the necessity for approval by the Law School Council.

    We need to continue to be careful so as not to cause visitors to expect support that is not going to be available. In particular, visitors must understand that our library, and other libraries in the area, are not going to give them much support if they want to do research in foreign, international, or comparative law.