3.3 Procedure: ReapplicationReadmission Of Former Capital Students - Capital University Law School

3.3 Procedure: ReapplicationReadmission Of Former Capital Students

  • 3.3.01 Dismissed Students

    Students who have been dismissed from Capital Law School may, two years after a dismissal becomes effective, seek permission to apply to the Law School for a fresh start and, if admitted, begin studies as a first year student. If a student believes that he or she has an extraordinary circumstance, the student may seek permission to apply to the Law School for a fresh start one year after a dismissal becomes effective. In order to be considered for a fresh start, candidates must submit petitions to the committee similar to those required for reinstatement.The petition must address reasons for the candidate's poor academic performance during his or her prior attendance at Capital and explain who interim activities or changes in circumstances make the candidate currently suitable for the study of law.

  •  3.3.02 Handling Of Reapplicants

    Petitioners for reapplication are handled in the same manner as petitions for reinstatement. Committee actions are final unless a member of the Law School Council has standing to request reconsideration. Standing exists only if a member of the council submits a recommendation and the committee acts contrary to the recommendation. Committee members may request reconsideration verbally after the committee has acted on a petition. For purposes of this policy on reapplication/readmission, if there is no minority member of the law school faculty, the Dean shall designate a minority counselor who shall have all of the rights and privileges of a council member except that he or she shall not attend or vote at council or faculty meetings. Thus, with the exception of attending and voting at council or faculty meetings, the term "council member" as used in this policy shall include the designated minority counselor.
  • 3.3.03 Considerations

    The committee, when considering whether to permit a new application, examines such factors as the following:

    A. reasons given in the candidate's petition for poor performance during his or her prior legal studies and whether the stated problems could reasonably have had a significant impact on the candidate's performance;

    B. interim activities, changes in circumstances, and their probable impact on the candidate's current suitability for legal studies;

    C. the candidate's credentials, both current and prior to enrolling for the first time;

    D. comments and recommendations from members of the Law School Council;

    E. non academic factors that are germane to the candidate's competence, character, and fitness to practice law.
  •  3.3.04 Solicitation Of Other Members Of The Law School

    In order to solicit comments and recommendations from members of the Law School Council, the committee compiles a summary of the petitioner's entering credentials and record of performance at Capital University Law School. This summary is made available to Council members in a manner designed to safeguard the confidentiality of the petitioners.
  •  3.3.05 Approval

    If the committee or council approves the candidate's petition, the petitioner may compete with other applicants for a position in the first year class. If admitted, the admissions officer must place a signed statement in the student's file explaining the reasons why the student appears to be currently able to complete successfully the Law School's program of study.