3.1 General Admissions Procedures - Capital University Law School

3.1 General Admissions Procedures

  •  3.1.01 Responsibility For Admissions Process

    The Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid bears primary responsibility for the entire admissions process and for most of the admissions decisions. 

  •  3.1.02 Committee On Admissions and Readmissions

    One of the standing committees of the Law School is the Committee on Admissions and Readmissions, which typically consists of several faculty members, two students, and the Assistant Deans of Admissions and Financial Aid and Student Affairs, ex officio. This committee performs a number of functions, including acting on petitions for reinstatement (Section 4.8) and petitions for readmission (Section 3.3). Committee functions regarding the admission of new students include:

    A. Recommending admissions policies and criteria to the Law School Council.

    B. Deciding the acceptance or denial of students whose applications for admission are brought before the committee by the Assistant Dean of Admission and Financial Aid.

    C. Advising the Assistant Dean of any matters on which the Assistant Dean seeks such advice.

    D. Serving as an oversight committee for the entire process of admissions and financial aid.