1D/2E Career Blueprint - Capital University Law School

1D/2E Career Blueprint

  • Objective 

    As a first-year law student, your objective outside of the classroom is to prepare to be the best job seeker you can be. To achieve this level of preparation, you should focus on the following career and professional development core competencies:

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    Activities & Tasks

    Fall Semester

    • Understand the relationship between academics and career paths. Focus on classroom and exam success.
    • Attend mandatory Office of Professional Development (OPD) Orientation Meeting and mandatory Pro Bono Legal Honors Meeting (October)
    • Complete your profile on Symplicity, the Law School's career management system featuring a job board
    • Develop peer-to-peer network within the first year class. With the help of your peer advisors, learn about their experiences with summer employment, externships, pro bono, and other experiential learning opportunities.
    • Develop student-professor relationships. Get to know your professors: have lunch with them, go to office hours, attend other law school events, etc.

    During the Winter Break

    • Create or revise your Individual Development Plan (IDP) 
    • Draft a resume
    • Build Linked In profile
    • Research the market where you would like to work this summer
    • Assess your contacts: Who do you know in the legal community? Who might be connected to the legal community? Research lawyers and other professionals for informational interviews by using Martindale-Hubbell or the Columbus Bar Association Directory 
    • Verify the requirements and application deadlines for the bar examination you plan to take 
    • If you are interested in Public Interest jobs, register a profile on PSJD 
    • Review spring and summer career fairs and conferences – employment opportunities for summer after 1D/2E year or for summer before 3D/4E year
    • If you are interested in medium and large law firms, research employers using the NALP Directory of Legal Employers or Martindale-Hubbell 
    • If you are interested in federal government summer employment, research opportunities listed in the Honors Programs and Internships Handbook (accessible via Symplicity)

    Spring Semester

    • Schedule an appointment to meet with the OPD staff
    • Attend Career Advantage Program 
    • Get involved in pro bono legal service opportunities
    • Participate in Spring Recruitment, if interested in the participating employers
    • Schedule a mock interview
    • Submit an application for summer and/or fall externships
    • Speak with professors about research assistant needs as a possible summer employment opportunity
    • Attend a Columbus Bar Association Committee Meeting to network and to learn
    • During spring break
      • Observe or shadow various attorneys and court or administrative hearings
      • Conduct a series of informational interviews
      • Participate in Spring Break Pro Bono Clinics
    • Attend a 2D/3E Professional Development Advising & Planning session
    • If you are returning to another city or state, consider requesting reciprocity from a law school in the area to review student job postings

    Rising 2D/3E Summer

    • Maintain an updated resume
    • Attend summer receptions and events at law firms participating in Fall Recruitment Program
    • Observe or shadow various attorneys and court or administrative hearings
    • Participate in Fall Recruiting, if interested in the participating employers (first deadline is usually late July)



    Employment Resources

    Career Fairs & Conferences 

    Professional Associations

    Resume Drafting

    Cover Letter Drafting